Azura West AfricaEnergizing power in West Africa

Azura Power is a world-class power company whose ambition is to provide electricity to millions of people across Africa.

Azura is a developer, financier, acquirer and operator of Independent Power Plants (“IPPs”) and power related assets utilising its project development, industry expertise and financing skills to actively shape and develop power projects in West Africa. 

Azura's vision is to provide electricity to the millions of people in Africa whether it be through large scale IPP projects like Azura-Edo or other sources of energy such as solar power.  

Our first power project is the Azura-Edo IPP, a 450MW open cycle gas turbine power station and the first phase of a 2,000MW power plant facility near Benin City, in Edo State, Nigeria.  The project reached financial close on 28 December 2015 and construction startied on 5 January 2016.

We are currently assessing a number of other power related businesses in Nigeria and other markets in Africa based upon our assessment of the region's substantial fuel, transmission and distribution constraints.